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2023- 2024


1. Pay annual dues of $100.00.

2. Meet any and all financial responsibilities which are approved by the Executive Board. (Art V, Sec. 4)

3. Adhere to all Standing Rules, Membership Requirements, and Bylaws of Rockwall Women’s League (RWL/The League).

4. Attend the required number of general membership meetings per club year. Attendance at general membership meetings is defined as attendance from call to order until adjournment. (Art V, Sec. 4)

5. Must bake the required number of cookies for the Rockwall Christmas Tree Lighting as determined by the Executive Board. 6. Purchase and wear a Rockwall Women’s League badge at all RWL meetings and when representing The League.

7. Host or co-host one RWL general membership meeting by serving as a hostess, lead hostess, or home hostess.

8. Serve on an Executive, Standing, or Special committee.

9. Serve on a Day of Ball committee.

10. Meet the minimum requirements for Fundraising events which are approved by theExecutive Board. (Art V, Sec. 4) 11. Purchase a minimum of two (2) ball tickets OR a Level of Giving from member’s personal business that includes a minimum of two (2) ball tickets.

12. Purchase the minimum number of Chance Drawing Tickets as set by the Executive Board.

13. Fulfill assigned solicitation packet (unless prohibited by law) requirements for advertising, auction item donations, and cash contributions. Members should not solicit for another organization while working on their RWL solicitation packet. Members should also refrain from soliciting for another organization at an RWL meeting or event.

14. Members will not post items or information via social media or act while representing RWL in a manner that may adversely affect the morale, confidence, and public respect of RWL.

15. A member who fails to complete her membership duties, packet, pre-ball assignment, set-up, during ball assignment, and/or after-ball assignment may be called before the Executive Board or Ball Advisory Committee to explain why her duties were not fulfilled and may be assessed by a special committee appointed by the President to include the Ball Chair, a fine up to $200.00 per offense (i.e. packet, pre-ball assignment, set-up, during-ball assignment, clean-up or missing a roll call) for failure to complete ball requirements.

16. Any member unable to fulfill any day of ball duties must submit an Alternate Ball Duty Request form to the Ball Advisory Committee (BAC) as soon as she becomes aware of the conflict, explaining the circumstances in order to request an alternate assignment and / or fines. All fines and duties must be complete by the May General Meeting.

17. Active members must live, own property or a business, or work full time in Rockwall County.

18. Active members must be a minimum of 21 years of age.

19. Active members that have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude in the last three years may be subject to a review and meeting by a special committee appointed by the President. Review may be presented to the Executive Board.

20. Active members that have been convicted for the above may be subject to same review and meeting and possible suspension or termination of membership.

21. Failure to fulfill any Membership Requirements may result in loss of membership or year of League service. At any time, the Fourth Vice President (Membership) may check to ensure active members are fulfilling the Membership Requirements. If an Active Member is behind in her Membership Requirements or has not actively participated in the club by the end of November, her Membership may be revoked.

Rockwall Women's League

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Rockwall, TX 75087

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