1.   Pay annual dues of $100.00. Associates have an optional choice anytime to pay a $1000 Lifetime Membership dues, which covers dues every year going forward.

2.   Meet all financial requirements which are voted on by the general


3.   Attend a minimum of 5 business meetings. Attendance at business

meetings is defined as attendance from call to order until adjournment. 

4.    Must bake 4 dozen cookies for the Rockwall Christmas Tree lighting. (Exact number varies from year to year depending on need.)

5.   Purchase and wear a RWL service badge when appropriate.

6.   Host or co-host one RWL league meeting.

7.   Serve on an executive, standing or special committee.

8.   Serve on a ball committee.

9.   Meet minimum requirements for fund-raising events voted on yearly by

the general membership.

10. A member who fails to complete her packet, pre-ball assignment, set-up,

during ball assignment, or clean-up may be called before the Executive

Board to explain why her duties were not fulfilled and may be assessed by

the Executive Board a fine up to $200.00 per offense (i.e. packet, pre-ball

assignment, set-up, during-assignment, or clean-up) for failure to

complete ball requirements.

11. Failure to fulfill Membership Requirements may result in loss of membership.


Please contact our Membership Chair, Lisa Reid at if you would like more information about membership.